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Our passion at PBS39 is to provide free evidence based educational resources to teachers, families and caregivers that build early science and literacy skills.

PBS39, part of Lehigh Valley Public Media™, is a community-owned public media organization serving eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. PBS39 is licensed in Allentown, PA to the Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corporation. Lehigh Valley Public Media is the home of public television station PBS39/WLVT, the local NPR news station WLVR, and the television station WPPT, as well as the Lehigh Valley Reads Initiative. As a station our vision is a community that is inspired, engaged, and vibrant. LVPM acts as the catalyst to promote engagement and fulfill regional needs of the greater Lehigh Valley. To address these needs we partner with CPB (Children’s Public Broadcasting) to introduce children to key STEM and Literacy concepts, which prepare them for school and boost their long-term education opportunities. This past year we have worked with 42 non-profit partners to educate, inform, and inspire our community.