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Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystems (PSSE)


Who We Are:

An encounter in a “Lead STEM” Capstone Project ignited the formation of the Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE). PSSE is a collection of STEM Ecosystems and STEM networks across Pennsylvania, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, that through purposeful cooperation and collaboration, focuses primarily on creating professional networks and a stable community of practice. Its vision of access for ALL Pennsylvanians to quality STEM education and career pathways coincides with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s priorities of diversifying and increasing the number of STEM-ready educators and learners who are included in high quality STEM experiences.

In the fall of 2020, PSSE joined with the Pennsylvania STEM Coalition - a statewide, cross-sector network of over 800 stakeholders. Similar to PSSE, the PA STEM Coalition strove to provide equitable access to STEM learning experiences for every learner - from early childhood through higher education. In August 2022, PSSE and the Coalition consolidated into one entity - the Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE). PSSE is administered by a 14-member Leadership Team that meets regularly and represents Pennsylvania’s diverse regions and perspectives. This Leadership Team is composed of STEM Ecosystem and network leads as well as an Advisory Board.


PSSE STEELS Policy Memo to Shapiro Administration: Revolutionizing STEM Learning in Pennsylvania*

PSSE calls on the Shapiro-Davis administration to commit the resources and guidance required to fully implement and assess the 2022 Pennsylvania Science, Technology, Engineering, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (STEELS) academic standards.  

 *This is the first in a series of policy memos that PSSE will release over the next two years. Policy priorities were decided by PSSE membership through surveys and meetings in the fall 2022 and the final document was vetted by members before release. It is intended for policymakers and the general public as a short summary in a single policy area.

STEM Education Policy Memo to Biden Administration

The Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE) is pleased to present this policy memo which is based on a stakeholder survey implemented in winter 2021. The survey collected data from 160 of stakeholders, comprised of a diverse sampling of professionals working as principals, teachers, formal and informal STEM educators, consultants, program managers, heads of professional development, school counselors, superintendents, assistant superintendents, and more. This memo is intended to help inform and guide the Biden/Harris administration as the administration designs and implements policies pertaining to STEM Education.

You can communicate directly with other PA STEM Coalition members using our list below. Please be aware that you MAY NOT use this list to fundraise for your agency, to relay non-STEM information, etc. Of course, you MAY use this list to communicate with other PA STEM Coalition Members; do BLIND-COPY the recipients and make the SUBJECT LINE specific. We will update the PA STEM Coalition listserv quarterly. Thank you and happy connecting!