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Chief Science Officers Program

Advocates for Student Voice and Innovation in their communities.

The Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program is an international program that aims to elevate student voice through leadership opportunities with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The CSO program currently exists in 9 states and has gained an international presence with programs in Kenya, Kuwait, and Mexico. The ENGINE of Central PA Chief Science Offers Program began with Intermediate Units 10 and 11 as our first CSO Cabinet in January 2021 and will expand across the STEM ecosystem region over the next three years.

What are CSOs?

CSOs are students in 6th to 12th grade who serve as STEM ambassadors and a liaison for STEM innovation in their schools and community. They work with their school’s CSO Advisor and administrators to plan and carry out action plans that aim to bring STEM opportunities to their peers and the surrounding community. Examples of action plans include doing “STEMonstrations” that are

played during their school’s morning announcements to build interest in STEM or visiting elementary school classrooms to carry out experiments with younger students.

The CSO’s mission is to:

  • Be the voice for their peers.
  • Bring STEM opportunities to their communities.
  • Bring change to their worlds.

The CSO Program Vision and Goals

Chief Science Officers are destined to…

  • Create a global network of diverse STEM leaders.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among CSOs.
  • Enrich STEM culture and career awareness.
  • Amplify student voice in STEM conversations in the community.

Every CSO gets to experience:

  • Leadership Training Institute: teaches Program Goals, networking, leadership development, verbal and written communication, and team building.
  • Cabinet Meetings and Community Events: guides collaboration with business and civic leaders to address community challenges, improve communication and confidence, and share common experiences.
  • Mentorship: training opportunities with STEM Professionals – vetted regional leaders who help CSOs implement their ideas on campus and amplify their voice in the community.

Interested in learning more and how to get involved?