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Reach Cyber Charter School


Reach Cyber Charter School is a STEM focused and works to infuse STEM into all that we do. Students gain deeper knowledge connected to STEM and Career Pathways for future success.

Reach Cyber Charter School is a STEM Focused school in the Commonwealth that is focused on giving all students opportunities to engage in STEM and see the possibilities that STEM can have for their Future. We seek to engage all students, families and communities in STEM and allow for a greater connection to the student's education and community. While working with community partners and educators Reach Cyber continues to innovate and offer unique learning opportunities for all students and individualizes these opportunities based on the students interests and abilities. As Reach Cyber has grown, we have looked for more innovative ways to offer STEM opportunities for our students. STEM Camps virtual and in-person, career pathways that include job shadowing and apprenticeships, and working with teachers and students to create while learning have been a few ways we are engaging STEM on a regular basis.