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PSU ARL Sea Air and Land Challenge


The Sea Air & Land Challenge is a project-based program, sponsored by PSU’s Applied Research Laboratory, with the goal of introducing high school students to engineering through the use of robotics.

Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory along with the Office of Naval Research coordinate the Sea Air and Land Challenge. This spring semester STEM initiative has three goals - to provide students with an opportunity to tackle a difficult engineering project while in high school, to provide students with an awareness of tremendous technical careers, and to help educators and administrators implement a successful STEM program into their schools even given time, budget and resource constraints. True to the program’s name, students may build submersibles to maneuver underwater in the Sea Challenge, drones to fly in the Air Challenge and rovers to carry out the Land Challenge. Each team is paired with an engineering mentor to guide them through the design and build process, and teams come together on Challenge Day to compete. Nicknamed the SeAL Challenge, this cost-effective program can be presented to the students in an organization (scouts, 4-H), as after-school activity or added to the school curriculum. Please see the SeAL Challenge website for more information or to find a Challenge in your area.