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Pitsco Education


Leading Education that Positively Affects Learners

Pitsco Education is a leader in future-ready learning fundamentally rooted in STEM. Our competency-based and collaborative hands-on STEM programs effectively integrate core disciplines while helping students master the transferrable collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills that will last a lifetime and translate in any college or career path. We steer students to work together, exchange ideas, develop a growth mindset, and move forward with collaborative answers to challenges. We’re a start-up founded by educator-entrepreneur Harvey Dean, who had a vision for changing education that led to the creation of the STEM education industry. Now, 50 years later, Pitsco Education offers a comprehensive range of scalable hands-on STEM resources and curriculum, most of which are designed, written, manufactured, and serviced from our headquarters in Pittsburg, Kansas. We help schools create learning environments that address all learning styles and help all students find success while solving problems, being creative, articulating ideas, and thinking with their hands.