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Mifflin County Science & Technology Fair


Our goal is to inspire Mifflin County area youth to engage and learn about all areas of STEAM by creating, advocating & promoting events/activities to these ends.

The Mifflin County Science & Technology Fair is an annual event. 2020 will be our 7th year. This event has two parts, the science fair competition open to any area youth in grades 4th, 5th & 6th followed by an open to the public interactive STEAM event.
The open to the public family friendly event consists of a variety of hands on activities, instructional displays. It also allows fir the science fair competitors to showcase the projects they entered into the competition.

The two division competition pays cash prizes and awards medals to the top place finishers. First prize was $350/D1 and $300/D2. Cash prizes and medals are given up to 5th place depending on number of entrants in each division.

At the conclusion of the open to the public event the fair competitors go outside and launch the rockets they constructed while the individual judging panels met with each of the competitors consisting of individuals or teams up to 4 members.

The Facebook page for this event is utilized to advertise/inform about this event as well as any other known STEAM events/activities/camps made available to Mifflin County youth and families.