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Mifflin County School District


Mifflin County School District aspires to develop and motivate students for the 21st century through a diverse, supportive and innovative learning environment.

Mifflin County School District recognizes that the educational needs and learning styles of students are as unique and varied as its diverse population. Consequently, a traditional "brick and mortar" education may not meet the distinct needs of all students and their families.

MCSD provides two digital education programs, each with online course opportunities. Mifflin County Online for students grades K-6, and the Alpha Program for students in grades 7-12. Both of these blended learning programs offer students the opportunity to take one or more online classes during a traditional school day or to develop other hybrid schedules.

Lastly, Mifflin County School district is dedicated to STEM education, hands-on learning experiences and collaborative opportunities. This is showcased by the implementation of dedicated MakerSpaces within each of our districts eight schools.