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Kathleen Blouch

Coordinator of STEM Partnerships


I am passionate about providing quality Standards-aligned, STEM opportunities for students, pre-service, in-service teachers, and communities. I am an advocate for STEM in our Commonwealth.

Dr. Kathy Blouch has been involved in promoting science education for over 25 years. Her teaching and learning focus has been on how to provide equity and access for science education as well as an excitement to want to learn about science. Achieving equity and social justice in science education has been a challenge. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with school leaders, preservice and in-service teachers, students, communities and organizations to promote STEM and make this field accessible for all students.
She started her career in a research lab and then moved to teaching middle school science and Biology. She later taught elementary school and found her passion to excite young children about science. While working at the Capital Area Institute for Math and Science she had the opportunity to work with teachers in the areas of curriculum, assessment and instruction in science education. She has been a PA STEM Ambassador and CDC Science Ambassador and has continued her advocacy for quality science instruction for children with her work in developing community science events and programs, her service on state endeavors to develop science and assessments and her work in consulting with exemplary science programs. She is presently Coordinator of STEM Partnerships at Lebanon Valley College. She teaches early childhood education science and math methods. She enjoys working with future teachers to help them develop a passion for STEM in their classrooms.