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Jeff Remington

Executive Leadership Team

I love connecting people and groups together in the hope of bringing greater value to all as a result of their connection.

Jeff retired with thirty-five years of secondary classroom STEM teaching experience in the Palmyra School District as well as twenty-five years of experience as an adjunct in both the graduate and undergraduate STEM Education programs at Lebanon Valley College. He sees his current work as the STEM Outreach Liaison for the Penn State’s Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS) as an opportunity to share his passion, classroom career experiences, and wisdom with a highly respected STEM Education leader.

For decades, Jeff has used his role as a STEM teacher trainer and consultant around the world to transform educational systems for resource-challenged countries like Haiti as well as resource-rich countries such as the United Arab Emirates. Jeff strives to move classroom STEM experiences from siloed and contrived to authentic, innovative, and transdisciplinary with the vital embedded thread of workforce development.

As one of ten National STEM Teacher Ambassadors (National Science Teaching Association / National Council of Math Teachers), Jeff has helped to inform and transform STEM policy at national, state, and local levels.

As the Partnership Development Director, I hope to tell the story of the amazing value and broader impact that Engine brings to Central Pennsylvania and beyond. In that role, I hope to help build synergistic relationships between multisector stakeholders to help make STEM Education, the best it can be.