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Lillian Eason

Chemistry Teacher

CSO Advisor

I enjoyed watching CSOs Cassie and Oscar presenting their action plan to our school administrators. I also liked listening to their expectations when they were first being trained.

Science and math have been a big part of my life-long learning. My undergraduate and my graduate experiences at Cedar Crest College and Drexel University cemented my interest in STEM. For the past 14 years, I have worked at Moshannon Valley High School. In my time at the school, I taught various levels of Chemistry (AP, Honors, College Prep, and Applied), Biology, and Physical Science. For seven years I worked with Juniata College's Science in Motion where my commitment to STEM education grew. I also had the privilege of a summer research experience at Penn State five years ago. I enjoy the creative aspects of STEM and the cross-curricular nature of the disciplines involved. I continue to learn and evolve as a teacher to help my students enjoy and "see" the relevance of STEM in their everyday lives.