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Lauren Beal

Regional Director

Executive Leadership Team

Lauren Beal is the Regional Director of Lebanon County. Lauren Beal believes that all learners deserve quality STEM opportunities. Lauren has taught middle school and high school science in both urban and rural settings, served as a high school assistant principal, an IU consultant, and most recently a supervisor for STEM education at IU13. In her current position, she advocates for both teachers and students through developing and facilitating professional learning opportunities, supporting curriculum development and revisions, STEM auditing, instructional coaching, student STEM competitions, and creating connections between educators and industry professionals. Lauren holds a Masters degree and Geology and Astronomy from West Chester University and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Change from Drexel University. She serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and was selected as a Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador. 

At a Glance: Regional directors are concentrated at the Intermediate Unit locations and all serve as STEM Consultants or Supervisors that communicate and collaborate with K-12 school systems in their territory daily. They will be overseeing communication to schools, and coordinating future collaborations/projects in their region when funding is accessible within the ecosystem.