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Kathy Hill

Broader Impacts Director

Executive Leadership Team

Given educators’ inequitable access to high-quality STEM PD, I am looking forward to building and providing regionally-relevant STEM programs to educators in central Pennsylvania.

Kathy is the Director of the Penn State Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS).  Her primary role is to collaborate with STEM researchers at Penn State University Park and other commonwealth campuses in preparing grant proposals for various funding agencies. For awarded grants, she oversees CSATS faculty and staff tasked with designing and implementing STEM education outreach programs that bridge cutting-edge science and engineering research and K-12 classrooms. Kathy also directs the Center’s outreach efforts to engage K-12 students, teachers, district administrators, and Intermediate Unit personnel across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the nation. She received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on science education. Her research focuses on teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and specialized content knowledge with an emphasis on the practices of scientists and engineers. She is also an active member of 100kin10, a national organization involving higher education, industry, foundations and other stakeholders to address the grand challenges in STEM education from preK-12 through the STEM workforce. 

At a Glance: The Broader Impacts Director will serve to support all major projects and programs within the ecosystem with a focus on broadening participation. She will also work with the executive team and project teams to develop new preK-12 STEM education programs that impact youth in the region through a variety of funding opportunities.