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LVC Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp

Lebanon Valley College Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camps provide high school students with a window into the scientific basis of medicine and human health. Through lectures and hands-on laboratory investigations in state-of-the-art laboratories, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of molecular biology, pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry, and medical sciences. Students will learn how laboratory science can be translated into improved human health and will engage in investigative experiences that will allow them to apply their laboratory skills to real-life problems. In addition, students will interact with practicing professionals in fields such as medicine, physical therapy, toxicology, genetic counseling, and biomedical laboratory research. The Health and Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp will provide a fun, challenging, and engaging college environment in which students will develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a biomedical scientist and health professional.

Lebanon Valley College
Opportunity Info


July 26, 2021 - July 28, 2021 (all day)


12:00am - 11:59pm







Host Information

Host: Lebanon Valley College

Main Contact: Dr. Courtney Lappas

Phone Number: 717-867-6179


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